Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Three Weeks Before Travel

We are counting down the days. Approximately 3 weeks before we leave to bring Elana home. We are still trying to raise funds. So far, we have bought our international plane tickets (on credit card), was approved for a loan to help cover most of the in-country fees, but we are still short $2500 for the orphanage donation. We still have many items listed for sale: movie posters, blankets, Yankee Candle, toys and Bath & Body Works to name a few. This weekend we are having a yard sale. But, none of this is stopping us. To see the pictures of our new daughter and to know she is coming home soon is all worth it. Please visit our FaceBook page for items to buy.


  1. Clearly, Jesus is sending you a message you're too stubborn to hear!

    This isn't your kid! Buying humans is wrong! You do so at your peril!!

  2. Wow! Do you have that backwards.